Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Springfield Armory M1A

The M1A has been a rifle I've wanted for many a year. Unfortunately prices have been going up for some time. Availability has also been limited. I was lucky enough to be at one of my favorite gunshops last month just as a gentleman was trading this one in. I hovered over this rifle until the trade was completed. I had to trade a 1911 I would rather have kept but an opportunity like this at the price I got just don't come around!
I found this particular gun was made in June of 1996. The previous and original owner had the rifle in his safe all that time and never fired it! I was very pleased to say the least. This rifle is very accurate as the target I've posted shows. This is a 100 yard target fired with iron sights! I didn't want to do any damage to the walnut stock so I purchased a USGI synthetic which I camo'd in a woodland pattern. I think it turned out pretty good:-) It also makes the rifle a couple of pounds lighter. My next and final purchase for this rifle will be a Sadlak Industries scope mount on which I will put a Leatherwood ART scope on. That will complete the package. Finally this rifle is a ball to shoot!!! If you ever have the opportunity buy one; you won't regret it.


chaser48 said...

I can appreciate the hits inside the number 1 ring but cannot believe the shots OUTSIDE the #2 ring! At one hundred yards, thats horrible shooting!!! Horrible! The M1-A is center mast every round for me

skithepass said...

chaser48...all I can say is "Get over yourself son! Snap out of it!"

Ahhhh...I feel better now. Otherwise, bless the men and women serving in theater. They represent the very BEST this country has to offer. Our military men and women are the true patriots serving their country...the whiners and moaners and "do nothing" libs do not deserve the benefits derived from their patriotic service.